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Welcome to Legal Consumer Guide, a free legal research resource providing law questions and answers for consumers to research the basics about different areas of law prior to consulting with an attorney.  Please use this information only as a tool to start your learning process and find additional law information.  No information you find online should be taken as legal advice and it is always best to consult directly with an attorney to get the answers you need before deciding your course of action.

Researching Legal Information Online

When using the Internet to research legal information and find attorneys, be sure to take your time and find out as much as you can about each attorney you plan on contacting.  Though legal aid may or may not be easy to come by depending on the merits of your case, it is prudent to be very selective and learn as much as possible before making your final decision on an attorney for your case.  You will have many legal questions you will want to get answers for and it will take a little time, so be patient and prepare to take notes so you can record answers to your law questions.

It’s also important to understand that attorneys are very busy and getting your questions answered in a timely manner may or may not be possible for them at the exact time that you need them.  Depending on the size of the firm and their staff, they may or may not have someone who can answer your question and get back to you in a reasonable amount of time.  Some attorneys simply won’t have time or won’t choose to answer questions unless you are already a client and have either signed an agreement for them to represent you or have paid them a fee to provide legal services.  Free consultations are something many attorneys can’t do based on the nature of their type of practice.  For instance, in the personal injury practice area, such as asbestos lawyers, they take cases on contingency and you won’t have to pay fees up front.  They will also answer your questions and get back to you very quickly to help you determine if you have a case or not, for their benefit and yours.  The bottom line is to listen to their answers, take notes, be prepared to talk to a few law firms possibly before you find the one you want to use and don’t give up if the first firm tells you that you don’t have a case and won’t answer any more of your questions.  In that case, seek another firm to give you another legal opinion and provide answers.

About Legal Consumer Guide

Most of the information written in this site was authored by attorneys or professionals working closely with attorneys and is very helpful to either get an overview on a particular legal practice area or get legal help and a more in depth look at a specific legal scenario pertaining to your type of case.  New content will continue to be added on an ongoing basis and we will continually work to improve the format of the site to be as user friendly as possible and answers the most common legal questions.

The guide currently offers information in major areas of law such as asbestos law, bankruptcy law, criminal defense law, dui law, divorce law, personal injury and wrongful death to name just a few.  Future plans include using our social media network to field new common law questions and answers to be answered by practicing attorneys in the related area of practice.  This will help us provide the highest quality content to you based on your direct feedback and necessity.

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